Subwoofer & Amplifier Maintenance Tip

I see a common problem with amplifiers that are older that cause some of them to perform dramatically worse than new.  The issue is that...


firmware update

Video & Audio Firmware Update Pitfalls

Many audio and video products today offer the ability to upgrade the software in them that determines in many respects how these machines function.  Most...


Philips BDP7501 HDR to SDR Color Conversion Errors

I recently purchased a Philips BDP7501 UHD BD player to use in my audio and video calibration business.  This is a very well built...

  • Smart TV Apps
    July 24, 2015

    Smart TV Apps No Panacea

    I find a number problems occur with Smart TV apps that are not a problem with external products like Apple TV, Roku or Playstation. ...

  • December 1, 2012

    The Ultra HD Revolution Begins With The REDRAY 4K Cinema Player

    RED is now taking preorders at $1,450 for their potentially market disrupting new 4K Ultra HD, high frame rate video player.  This is the...

  • blank
    October 21, 2012

    Oppo BDP-103 Preview

    I recently had an opportunity to work on a system with a beta version of the BDP-103.  This is a very interesting product. It...


Sony Projector Calibration Pro

Sony Projector Calibration Pro Software

Sony offers calibration software for their ES range projectors that can adjust the projector settings over a LAN connection.  This software is available for...