A Problem With The Monitor Kuro’s

The Pioneer Elite plasma displays are the highest quality flat panels ever made. Unfortunately, the monitor version of these displays have a problem that can complicate the setup. When you connect a device that is RGB it will not detect the RGB mode properly and go to PC mode for all RGB inputs. This will cause the picture to look washed out when this happens.

This can be corrected by forcing the HDMI input to video RGB, but this will not work if you are switching YCbCr inputs into the same input. In that case you must either separate them or convert them all to one type. This can sometimes be done in the source or receiver.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant


I had this problem with my 101 watching a movie with my computer connected to the DVI input. Could not get the inky KURO blacks like I can on my HDMI inputs.

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