Business Photo Home Cinema Guru is W. Jeff Meier’s view on current trends in home theater and information on how to get the most from your home theater. I operate AccuCal AV a professional home theater business.

AccuCal AVSM is in the business of enabling you to enjoy a truly spectacular home theater experience and has been in operation since 2005. We have over a thousand satisfied audio and video clientele. AccuCal AV is operated by W. Jeff Meier from Four Seasons Missouri. Jeff is a degreed engineer who has a passion for quality audio and film reproduction in the home environment. His insights on video and film reproduction over the years have led to numerous requests from leading ISF and THX calibrators, retailers and manufacturers for his perspectives on how to get the most from any system.

Jeff is now bringing that enthusiasm and experience in science, audio, video, film and optical performance to your home and business. He is available to assist you with system selection, audio and video calibration, and for consultation on how to achieve the utmost quality from your system. Hearing and vision are unique to each individual. So, Jeff focuses on not only the standards associated with film and sound reproduction, but also on you as an individual so you end up with a system you can enjoy. Jeff offers the quality and precision consistent with someone with more than twenty years experience in engineering and R & D for some of the largest corporations in the USA.

He has also owned many quality products from various manufacturers. The audio equipment he has owned includes those from B&K, Denon, Hales, James Audio, KEF, Klipsch, Krell, Marantz, McIntosh, Mission, Pioneer, Revel, Sonance and Yamaha. Since HDTV has been on the market Jeff has owned products from Brillian, JVC, Pioneer, Polaroid, Samsung, Sim2 and Sony. He also has a dedicated light controlled theater with room acoustics that meets the Dolby theater specification for room reverberation. Experiencing high quality sound and picture reproduction in his home helps him achieve the best results from your system as well. Extended experience with different display technologies including CRT, DILA, DLP, LCD, LCoS and plasma also aids him with guiding clients to determine what products will fit their needs best.

In addition to what he owns and works on in the consumer environment he has been in several audio and video post production facilities including Sony Colorworks and Todd-AO in Los Angeles. Experiencing these environments and having access to creative professionals in this arena gives him additional insight as to what is possible in image and sound reproduction.