Artison DualMono® Front Speakers Eliminate Seperate Center Speaker

Aritison DualMono® Front Speakers

Aritison DualMono® Front Speakers


I had the opportunity recently to work on a flat panel system that used Artison Sketch speakers for the front and center channels on a surround system. The unique feature of these speakers is the DualMono® design that allows the two side speakers to also function as the center channel. The diagram below shows how the drivers are utilized in this speaker. The patent for this innovation is #6,918,461 and was issued in July of 2005.


The patent describes the basic speaker layout used, but from what I heard I suspect there is more to this design. It sounds very integrated like a separate center speaker. I can recommend this design if you have a mounting situation that prevents a separate center speaker or you just like the aesthetics of this better.

Nice job Artison.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant


Good Day Sir/Madam
Thomas Caswell here,I will like to inquire about 60 or 65 inch smart 3D 4K TV.any brand will be good for me and i want you to quote me a price for any of the size above. Also advice on the type of payment methods and options applicable.
Thomas Caswell

W. Jeff Meier

I am sorry Thomas. I do not sell equipment. I would look at the links at the bottom of this blog. I link to TV manufacturers I like in that list along with a website that does a nice job of comparing displays.

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