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CCFL Not LED LCD Best Choice For Color

“For high-end colour accurate reference displays, the best choice for stability, ease of colour management and ability to match existing monitor systems remains CCFL backlighting.” – Cine-tal


Finishing Off Your Man Cave Home Theater

Your home theater is not complete until you have had it properly quality checked and calibrated. Without this you are likely not getting anything close to the performance that your equipment can deliver. This process involves the following items. System Benefits: Stunning color Improved image detail Reduced video artifacts Stunning sonic realism Proper bass level… Read more


Tested Screen Excellence Screen Materials

Screen Excellence Enlightor 4k, Enlightor 1, Enlightor 1 Silver Back and Enlightor 3 have been added to the screen material test report. The Enlightor 4k is the new top performer for acoustically transparent material for minimal impact on image performance. Unfortunately, at 0.84 screen gain it will be difficult to obtain 15 fL of light output for… Read more