Display Resolution Calculator

Limiting display resolution calculation based on your vision, screen size and seating distance. The primary assumptions are that Nyquist limits the maximum usable display resolution to 1/2 the pixels and 20/20 vision limits to 1 arcminute. More detailed information on this topic can be found here https://www.homecinemaguru.com/can-we-see-4kuhd-on-a-normal-sized-screen-you-betcha/.

Recommended vision limits are 20/15 for under age 60, 20/20 for ages 60 to 70, 20/25 for ages 70 to 80 and 20/30 for ages over 80.

Select Your Visual Acuity LimitSelect Your Screen Aspect Ratio (1.78 is 16:9 and typical for a flat panel display)
Enter Screen Size Diagonal In Inches

Enter Your Minimum Distance To Screen In Feet

Sony 24P Camera MTF

Dark line shows limiting resolution for Sony professional HD Camera. Information beyond the Nyquist limit can cause image moire.

Summary Of Multiple Human Vision Experiments

Summary Of Multiple Human Vision Experiments