Epson 6020UB Projector Review


I had the opportunity to work on an Epson 6020UB projector today. I have to say this is the best LCD projector I have seen to date. It was reasonably sharp and was capable of very good color and light output.

With 90 hours on the lamp it output a little over 500 lumens at D65 white point on the ECO setting at about a 2.7 throw ratio. This is excellent for a machine of this class. The sound level was low on ECO, but pretty loud on high lamp.

After some adjustment it could come very close to Rec. 709 color and gamma performance.

The panel alignment from the factory was very poor. The user menu does have considerable adjustments for this that corrected the problem very well such that it was sharper than a Sony VPL-HW50ES that I worked on recently.

3D had a very slight amount of ghosting, but in general was excellent for a product in this price category.

Motion handling with this product also looked very good when adjusted properly.

Black levels and ANSI contrast with the auto iris off were excellent.

All in all I would highly recommend this product to anyone considering a front projector under $4,000 that can live with less sharpness than a DLP and better blacks than DLP.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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