Finishing Off Your Man Cave Home Theater

Your home theater is not complete until you have had it properly quality checked and calibrated. Without this you are likely not getting anything close to the performance that your equipment can deliver. This process involves the following items.

System Benefits:

  • Stunning color
  • Improved image detail
  • Reduced video artifacts
  • Stunning sonic realism
  • Proper bass level
  • Clear dialog
  • Verify equipment is performing as intended. About 10% of the systems have a defective component that can be repaired while under warranty.

Video System Steps:

  • Viewer location
  • Equipment defect check
  • Fix any wiring problems
  • Contrast, brightness, color and hue calibration
  • Gray scale calibration to D65
  • Gamma adjustment between 2.2 and 2.5 depending on display type and usage patterns
  • Geometry adjustment to minimize overscan and ensure true images
  • Sharpness calibration to reduce enhancement and create a more detailed image
  • Detailed color analysis and alignment to provide the best color accuracy possible including color management system adjustment when available
  • Optimum selection of video processing modes and resolution settings for each source and the display
  • Enable ISFccc Night and Day modes in various capable products
  • Service mode adjustments to reduce filtering & enhancement if available

Surround System Steps:

  • Listener location
  • Equipment defect check
  • Fix any connection problems
  • Speaker delay setup
  • Speaker alignment
  • Speaker level calibration
  • All speaker phase check
  • Bass management setup
  • Subwoofer phase setup
  • Subwoofer placement
  • Fold subwoofer properly into overall system
  • Equalization to reduce room/speaker problems
  • Critical measurement of the acoustic environment
  • Listen to real recordings to verify or fine tune adjustments
  • Acoustic treatment and speaker placement design

Contact AccuCal for more information on this.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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