Incredible Neumann GmbH KH 420 Active Speaker

Neumann KH420 Monitor


I recently had the opportunity to work on a home theater system using these speakers for the front three channels and KH 310’s for the side and rear surround speakers. The accuracy of all of these speakers was outstanding. I have worked on other speakers that use similar 3 inch dome midrange drivers that performed very well in that frequency range as well.

The off-axis dispersion of these speakers is exceptional. Very few speakers have a reasonably wide area where the frequency response if flat. The KH 420 is in a league of it’s own with the combination of accuracy, low distortion, high sound levels and great sound dispersion. This is the best speaker I have heard to date for home theater under about $15,000 each.

The KH 420 sells for $4,900 each. The tweeter and midrange can be rotated to augment placing it on it’s side. These are powered monitors which require a low level output from the preamplifier and AC power to function.

These speakers include the following features:

•Computer mechanically modeled three-way cabinet design
•In-house simulated magnetically shielded drivers
•Powerful alloy fabric dome tweeter with built-in grille
•Fabric dome, neodymium magnet, midrange driver
•Long throw bass driver with Extremely Linear Force Factor
•High-capacity flow-optimized bass reflex ports with pipe damped
•Elliptical Mathematically Modeled Dispersion waveguide, with wide horizontal and narrow vertical dispersion
•Two-color dimmable Neumann logo
•Electronics panel with generously dimensioned integrated Accelerated Heat Tunneling
•Powerful analog class AB amplifiers with large headroom and overheat limiting
•4-position bass, low-mid and treble acoustical controls
•Easy-to-use parametric equalizer
•Wide range input gain and output level controls

Manufacturer Info

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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