JBL BassQ Manages Multiple Subwoofers

JBL Synthesis BassQ

JBL Synthesis BassQ offers multiple subwoofer automatic room mode correction for up to four subwoofers in a system. This incorporates Floyd Toole’s methodology of Sound Field Management for subwoofer equalization. Two different house curves are included one for music and one for movie use. The unit uses equalization along with level and phase adjustments to minimize room modes with multiple subwoofers. 4 microphones are included to measure the system response. Computer software is also provided to interact with the unit.

The unit has been measured to add about 6ms of delay to the subwoofer signal which needs to be considered in the bass management setup in the rest of the surround system.

It does not appear that the house curve is user configurable. This is a deficiency many should consider if you do not listen at reference levels.

Link to manufacturer information.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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