JVC DLA-RS35 Observations

JVC’s RS35 is the new king of the hill for JVC DILA technology. This unit has excellent light output, contrast and is very sharp.

Compared to the RS20 it has several improvements. The sample I looked at was about 20% brighter than my RS20. It was also sharper and had a little better blacks. The THX mode was much better than the RS20, but it was a little washed out (weaker gamma) than desired and the blacks were reddish instead of neutral. I suspect many would be happy with this mode out of the box.

The adjustments also changed from the RS20. The gamma adjustments are vastly proved. These are very accurate and allow precise adjustment of gray scale and gamma. They are also much easier to use than the RS20. The gain and offset adjustments were more course than the RS20 making the gamma control more important for good color. The color management system also seemed to be improved allowing for more accurate adjustment.

All in all this is a wonderful product.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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