JVC DLA-X90R Observations From CEDIA

I just had a chance to watch the demo for the new JVC X90R. I can simply say this machine is incredible. Smooth motion, very sharp and glorious contrast. The colors were pumped, but this is CEDIA.

JVC has added 4K technology along with scaling to make an image much sharper than any other 1080p machine I have seen. The new machines also adds side by side 3D for cable and satellite sources. The 3D demo was also out of this world good.

They also added zoom, shift and focus memories to allow easy and low cost use of a 2:35 screen. This function was not demonstrated. The addition of 4K resolution should be very complementary to this zoom feature making it more difficult to resolve the individual pixels.

The demo was on a 126″ Stewart 1.7 gain screen. The light output of these units look similar to last years.




W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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