JVC RS40/X3 Compared to RS50/X7

At this point I have worked on many RS50 front projectors from JVC and several RS40 units. I frequently am asked which to purchase. The primary difference between these units for most people is the RS50 has a color management system. This can be used to improve the color performance of the projector by adjusting the colors around the region of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and magenta.

I find that very few people can properly calibrate a display to begin with. Unless you use someone like myself adjusting the CMS and other complex picture settings are more likely to cause the picture to be worse than better. I would definitely purchase the RS40 if a quality advanced calibration is not in its future. If you are going to have the CMS adjusted properly and are very color picky the RS50 is an excellent product. I will say the color difference between these two displays when both are setup well is going to be generally subtle. If you want the best color possible I would get the RS50 and contact me to set it up. I can also get fabulous results from the RS40 if you choose that model and are willing to sacrifice a little color accuracy. Saving a few thousand dollars on a RS40 and throwing in a high quality calibration is going to get you a better image than a poorly setup RS50 will any day and will be cheaper to boot.

I have read reports of the RS40 being brighter than the RS50. At this point that is not clear to me. They both seem similar in light output. I would also say they both have been equally sharp and have had great contrast.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant


Thanks for sharing your experience with these units. Me and my new X3 can’t wait until your September calibration tour comes to Long Island, NY.

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