LensPen For Cleaning Video Gear

I recently acquired a LensPen product to clean projector lenses and flat panels that I own along with client’s displays.

At this time I have used this product on my JVC projector lens and Pioneer plasma. The results are nothing short of perfection. I am amazed at how well it removed fingerprints from my plasma glass and filth from the projector lens. I had previously cleaned the projector lens with cleaning solution and a micro fiber cloth. The LensPen achieved another level of performance. Both the projector lens and the panel look like new.

This product should work well on any glass surface of a flat panel or lens as long as you follow the instructions which are simple and not use too much force. The base technology employed is a carbon compound that is designed to absorb oils. Their client list below is a who’s who of people involved with image reproduction.

LensPen Customers


If you are looking for a product to clean an optical glass surface with normal oil and dust contamination I would strongly consider this product. This product is not recommended for plastic or wet surfaces.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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