Monoprice Screen With Built-In Masking

Masking ScreenMonoprice is selling a very unique fixed frame screen product. This product has a masking system in it that is used to make the screen look black where the black bars are. It adjusts by pulling up on the mechanism from the bottom. The top then moves down equally at the same time. It moves like a window shade.

It is available in 106″ and 120″ 16:9 aspect ratios with a 1.0 gain material. The edge of the frame is a velvet material that hides small alignment errors. The masking is continuously adjustable from 2:35 to the full frame. There is a locking point at 2:35, but it will stay deployed at other aspect ratios.

This is a great value if you want to mask a 16:9 screen and this size and screen material fits your needs.


W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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