NextLevel Acoustics In-Wall Speaker Review

NextLevel LCR

NextLevel CI-IWHDLCR Reference Speaker

NextLevel Acoustics is a relatively new company that began selling in-wall speakers and subwoofers in 2016. They sell a CI series that is sold through authorized dealers. This upgraded line should be considered if you are looking for high quality in-wall speakers at a very reasonable price point. High performance in-wall speakers are not common and considering their price these are unique in the marketplace.

The CI series consists of 8 different in-wall speakers along with a ceiling speaker for use with Atmos or DTS-X. With performance specifications that include 400 watts of power handling and 90 db/watt efficiency these speakers are in a class comparable to Triad.

NextLevel Tri Surround

NextLevel CI-IWSUR6.1


NextLevel Ceiling Speaker

NextLevel CI-IC44A Ceiling Speaker

I have setup several surround systems using these speakers and have been very impressed with the sound quality of these installations. Based on their cost and performance I am currently recommending NextLevel Acoustics to my clients who are looking for high quality surround sound with in-wall installations.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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