Optoma HD8600 Front Projector

Optoma HD8600

I had the opportunity recently to work on an Optoma HD8600. This is a DLP single chip projector with three different lens options. This product is uniquely priced under $10,000 and can output over 1000 lumen’s of actual light output at D65 white point. This is a very compelling product if you want a large screen like a 10 ft wide 2:35 screen with an anamorphic lens and want it to be reasonably bright.

The manual iris in this projector can be used to attenuate the light output when the lamp is new and opened as it dims with age. This is a wonderful feature that is found in too few products on the market. A dynamic iris is provided to improve black levels when it is activated.

The three different lenses allow for more flexibility on positioning the projector. It even has horizontal and vertical lens shift which is rare in a DLP projector at this price point. The lens is located so it is easy to use with anamorphic lenses and the projector includes a scaling option to support one.

The projector is loaded with adjustments to optimize color performance. The factory colors were not bad, but the unit improved nicely from calibration.

If you do not have issues with rainbows from a single chip DLP this is a product to be considered especially when you want to have a large screen that needs 1000 lumen’s.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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