Recommended Flat Panel Displays And Projectors For 2014

Sim2 Grand Cinema Superlumis

Sim2 Grand Cinema Superlumis


I see many audio and video products in the course of my work. I highly recommend the following products if you are looking for a very high level of image quality after a proper calibration. The DLP projectors will deliver the sharpest images and are the most durable of the recommended projectors. All projectors should be confirmed that their light output and lens configuration meets your requirements.

Flat Panel Displays (Most Expensive At Top Of List):

  • Samsung F8500 series plasma – Bright, durable and the best 3D I have seen of any flat panel. Highly recommended for all around image quality in a variety of room environments.
  • Panasonic ST60 series plasma – Panasonic is discontinuing their plasma displays making these difficult to acquire. (Best Value)

Front Projectors (Most Expensive At Top Of List):

  • Sim2 Superlumis – Very high light output 3 chip DLP, Sim2 triple flash 3D is the best I have seen.
  • Sim2 Lumis UNO E – Very high quality 3 chip DLP
  • Sony VPL-VW1000ES – High light output 4K 3 chip reflective LCD
  • Sim2 Nero – Very high quality single chip DLP (some people see color breakup with these)
  • Sony VPL-VW600ES – High light output 4K 3 chip reflective LCD
  • Sony VLP-HW55ES – Very high quality 3 chip reflective LCD. A truly exception image for the price. Highly recommend unless you need a brighter image or want the absolute sharpest images on the market. (Best Value)


W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant


Sony recently came out with th hw40es projector which is suppose to be comparable to the much higher priced hw55 that you recommend.Have you had a chance to view this projector?

W. Jeff Meier

I have not seen that model. It appears to be one that is not in the US market. I would suspect it is very similar in performance to the VPL-HW55ES and would be an outstanding performer at it’s price point.

joe lanzarotta

I am anticipating purchasing the sony vpl-vw665, have carada bw 120×51 scope screen, total light control room with dark gray walls/ceiling/rug, would adding a Lumagen Radiance Pro significantly improve the picture quality or help improve the results of your calibration?

W. Jeff Meier

I do not recommend any external video processor for that projector. The controls in the Sony are sufficient to obtain an excellent image. I setup a similar projector for Focus Features and it matched the color grading reference monitor in the same room. Please go to my website and fill out this form if you want to be on my list I tend to be booked solid months out in the future and it would be a shame to contact me to work on your system and I was not available.

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