Sim2 Updates LiveColors Software To Version 2 For New Projectors

Live ColorsCalibration Version 2

Live ColorsCalibration Version 2


Sim2 has significantly improved the color calibration software for their new line of 3D projectors. This software can help improve the image quality of these already excellent products. It should be noted that in the wrong hands it can make the image quality worse. The projectors supported by this software include the Lumis 3D-S, Lumis 3D, Lumis Uno 3D, Lumis HC 3D, Nero 3D-2 and the M.150. Like the previous software it must be run on an external computer and interfaced with the projector using an RS-232 connection on the projector. This software includes the ability to change the color gamut RGBCMYW xy coordinates and relative levels as before, but it also adds several new features.

The most significant of the new features present from an image quality perspective is the ability to customize the display gamma. Gamma is one of the most important parameters for image appearance and the default gamma curves in Sim2 products historically have not exactly matched the target exponential curves. This software allows default user gamma curves to be selected and edited. The curve can be edited in 8, 16, 32 or 64 point resolution. Each point’s output/input level relationship can be varied at 12 bit precision for RGB level. I would be very careful about using different RGB ratios from default since errors observed are more likely to be your instrument than the DLP projector.

There is an auto calibration option available when a Xrite Hubble instrument is available. Base on results I see from others using the Hubble I would not recommend using this feature. This feature will automatically calculate the color calibration CIE xy coordinates and levels for the display gamut (red, green, blue), secondaries (cyan, yellow, magenta) and white point. Strangely it will not determine the gamma curve corrections which are critical for an accurate image. I suspect this is because the sensitivity of the Hubble is insufficient for that task.

You can also reset the displays native gamut for 2D, 3D and two lamp levels used in the various color calculations by displaying the built-in test patterns and measuring the actual values with an external instrument. This is risky if you do not have a very high quality instrument. My experience with Sim2 indicates that their native gamut measurements tend to be reasonable while not perfect.

LiveColors Calibration Version 2 software also has several convenience features including saving settings in a file, brightness/contrast adjustments per input, lamp power settings, 2 user memories for 2D, 2 user memories for 3D and projector status information. Test patterns within the projector can be activated from the software to aid with setting many of these parameters.

Care must be exercised in using software like this since you are reprogramming the product it may be possible to render the product non-functional if a communication error occurs or the operating instructions are not strictly adhered to. I prefer these functions be included in the display menu instead of an external computer with a communication interface because of the problems that can occur from using external devices to set hidden parameters withing a product. Communication or software errors out of the users control can cause problems that can be difficult to resolve once they are encountered.


W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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