Sony Projector Calibration Pro Software

Sony Projector Calibration ProSony offers calibration software for their ES range projectors that can adjust the projector settings over a LAN connection. This software is available for their dealers.

Below is a list of the supported projectors from the 2016 user manual for this software. Newer models will likely support this software along with Image Director as well. Sony Image Director software also offers advanced control of the gamma curve like this software.

Sony Projector Calibration Pro includes the facility to output test patterns from the PC being used for this software to generate test patterns to aid the calibration process. An HDMI cable must be run from the PC to the projector to accommodate this. This feature is not required to calibrate a projector. I recommend using a video generator along with test sources instead. External sources will avoid problems with the PC not exactly matching the video output of normal video devices which is common.

Proper use of this software and the OSD menu requires a quality spectrophotometer that has adequate sensitivity and accuracy along with the sources and analytic methods.

All of the picture adjustments provided in this software appear to match those found in the OSD menu in the projector itself excluding gamma. This software or Image Director should be used when the projector’s gamma curve needs more correction than that provided in the projector menu. Projector Calibration Pro can also be used to add a note to the information page of the OSD menu.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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