Sony VPL-VW95ES Projector Review

I recently had an opportunity recently to work on a Sony VPL-VW95ES. To summarize this machine presented a very high quality image after calibration. It provided a typical level of light output for this class of machine.

The motion handling of this projector was one of its best characteristics. I saw no problems with motion in 2D or 3D for a variety of material. This is a great machine for displaying sports motion.

Light output with 107 hours on the lamp in high lamp mode was 690 lumens with a D65 white point. The output in low lamp was 440 lumens. The throw ratio was about 2:1. This is a very good light output for a three panel LCOS product with a 200 watt UHP lamp.

The ceiling mount used only three legs instead of four. I found this setup to be more difficult to eliminate keystone than the typical four leg mount.

Vertical lens shift was limited to the top of the screen with the projector centered. The claim of 15 percent more shift than the top of the screen was not present with this unit.

Color accuracy was very good, but not reference quality. RCP control was not very useful in correcting the color problems that existed in the unit. However, few people would be disappointed with the color quality of this product after calibration. Gamma and white balance can be very accurate. Primaries and less saturated colors are where compromises are present.

Image contrast was great with the automatic iris, but blacks were a little weak without it. The ANSI contrast measured at 358:1 from the lens. I did not notice the automatic iris pulsing the image.

The image was very sharp in 16:9 mode. The panel alignment was great, but some chromatic aberration was visible as purple fringing with with maximum lens shift in use. Vertical scaling for an anamorphic lens softens the image significantly compared to other products.

The fan was very quiet in low lamp, but noticeable in high lamp.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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