Sony XBR-65HX929 Sony LED LCD Review

In the course of my work I have had the opportunity to work on several Sony HX929 LED LCD panels. This product can be an exceptionally color accurate product after calibration and has the most accurate image of any LCD panel that I have seen. The light output is also highly variable with the back-light control to accommodate a wide variety of ambient lighting situations. With the 65″ model having a MSRP of $6000 you would expect the picture quality to be as exceptional as it is.

The biggest drawback to this product is the gloss screen coating used. Bright objects in the room like windows are easily reflected from the screen to the viewer obscuring the image. This can be reduced by angling the screen, altering the viewing position or darkening the room.

Off-axis color performance is very good on this product. This means the image contrast does not fall rapidly as the viewer moves to the side or above or below the product. It can work well when placed above a fireplace. It will perform better if the display is angled toward the primary seating location.

Black levels are very dark when local dimming is used. Image contrast is also very high creating a very high contrast look when the image is high contrast.

Motion handling on this product is also very good.



W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

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