Stewart Filmscreen Silver 5D and Da-Lite Pearlescent Screen Material Reviewed

I have added Stewart Silver 5D and Da-Lite Pearlescent screen materials to my screen test report. Silver 5D is a new material designed for passive 3D.

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

Craig Call

I want to know if a Pearlescent-silver screen fabric is suitable to properly reflect polarized motion picture projections for 3D?

I am most familiar with the Silver Lenticular material for 3D, but I’ve noticed that the Pearlescent-silver screen gives a better color rendition. I would like to use the Pearlescent-silver screen for 3D motion picture projection, but don’t want to invest the money if it won’t work with the polarized 3D glasses and projection system.

W. Jeff Meier

I do not have a sample of Pearlescent-silver. The normal Pearlescent material is not compatible with passive 3D. It will work with active 3D glass.

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