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Tekton Design 18″ Cinema Subwoofer Review

  I recently had the opportunity to work on a home theater system with a pair of Tekton 18″ Cinema subwoofers. The room was 4500 ft3 and easily achieved reference sound pressure levels without significant distortion. These are the highest output subwoofers I have encountered at the $1,000 price point. They are large with the… Read more


Epson Pro Cinema 6100 Observations From CEDIA

I just took a look at a demo of the new Epson Pro Cinema 6100. It was shown on a 10 ft wide 2:35 Stewart StudioTek 130. Epson claims 1,000,000:1 on/off contras. The product uses a LCoS imager like Sony and JVC. It also will auto zoom and shift for 2:35 to 16:9 images. It… Read more