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How Sharp Is My High Definition Projector?

A sharp image is one of the things that is key to a great picture. Several things can impact this. These include source device output resolution (Blu-Ray player, cable STB…), source resolution (movie, TV show…), display resolution, display sharpness, display enhancement and display filtering. A good way of evaluating sharpness is to look at a test pattern… Read more


RS20 Upgraded to RS35 Performance

I recently sent my JVC RS20 in to correct a problem with the lens shift mechanism. When the projector was returned it noted that the optical engine was upgraded. After installing and testing this unit it now performs like an RS35. It is much sharper than before, has near perfect color uniformity and the on/off contrast is… Read more


JVC DLA-RS35 Observations

JVC’s RS35 is the new king of the hill for JVC DILA technology. This unit has excellent light output, contrast and is very sharp. Compared to the RS20 it has several improvements. The sample I looked at was about 20% brighter than my RS20. It was also sharper and had a little better blacks. The… Read more