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3D Screen Polarization Test Results

My screen materials report here now contains screen materials I have tested that maintain projector polarization well for passive 3D front projection. The best material I have found is the Screen Innovations Black Diamond 1.4 which is nearly black when the polarizer is crossed with the light source. These tests were conducted using polarized light… Read more


What To Do Behind An Acoustically Transparent Screen

When you build a home theater with an acoustically transparent screen the speakers are placed behind the screen. These speakers can be placed in a wall or an alcove behind the screen. The left and right screen loudspeakers should be spaced laterally so that they form a triangle with a 45 degree angle to the… Read more


Tested Screen Excellence Screen Materials

Screen Excellence Enlightor 4k, Enlightor 1, Enlightor 1 Silver Back and Enlightor 3 have been added to the screen material test report. The Enlightor 4k is the new top performer for acoustically transparent material for minimal impact on image performance. Unfortunately, at 0.84 screen gain it will be difficult to obtain 15 fL of light output for… Read more