Poor Sound Quality

Be sure to use a digital audio connection like HDMI, SPDIF or Toslink instead of the two rca cables for stereo.

Be sure to use an audio processing mode that is not distorting the sound. Typical modes that work well are Stereo (music only), Dolby Digital, DTS, Prologic IIx.

Be sure to select the highest quality audio track on a Blu-Ray or DVD. These are typically TrueHD, DTS-MA, DTS and Dolby.

Try placing the receiver at the default settings if you used the automatic setup program.

Read the Audio Setup and Theater Room suggestions.

Stephen simpson

Hello Sir hope you are well. I enjoy watching your subwoofer videos. I have recently purchased a behringer nx4-6000 for my subs. The chain goes denon av to mini dsp to behringer. The issue is I don’t seem to get a good signal. Been trying to get to the bottom of it for weeks. Bought new leads tested several speakers. Can’t get the amp anywhere near clipping even on full. Could you maybe give me idea

W. Jeff Meier

When using an external amplifier you need to be sure you have enough voltage to drive it properly.

Check the output level on the Denon and the gain in the miniDSP. I would monitor the miniDSP output and input level from the software with very high LFE test tones. You do not need to have it powering the subs for these tests while you set the levels in the Denon and miniDSP. A miniDSP has less voltage output than the miniDSP HD. I prefer the HD version to have more voltage and headroom.

This DVD has the necessary loud LFE test tone https://www.fullcompass.com/prod/063914-goldline-tk5-1-dvd-test-disc-5-1-audio-tool-kit.

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