Very Comfortable Home Theater Seating By Front Row

My wife and I were at CEDIA this week and have been looking at home theater seating. We were looking for the most comfortable seating for the two of us that would work well in our room.

There are several challenges meeting our needs. The seats need to accommodate a tall person and a small person. One of us also has back problems. Reclined the seats must also position both of our heads so that we are looking at the screen and not up. It is amazing how many seats completely fail to meet any of these requirements much less all of them.

The seats that met these requirements the best were from Front Row. They are a model with articulating headrests that can move up and down, and to the front and back. These chairs are a high end model with excellent fit and finish. Front Row also offers many configurations and custom options including D-Box.

I would give these chairs strong consideration if you want the best in home theater seating.


W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant

Debbie Smith

Getting right type of home theater seating is not always possible. But if you try and search it from any leading home theater seating retailers then I am sure you will get at least something which is similar to your expectation.

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