VideoEQ Pro Review

I recently had the opportunity to check out the VideoEQ Pro from AVFoundry. This is an external video color processor that can be used to correct gamma, gray scale, color and hue errors from improper primary and secondary colors. The product includes infrared remote control along with 4 custom and preset tables. It has a single HDMI input and output and will output the same resolution that came into it. A USB cable is used to program it along with Windows based software. An external power supply is included and it looks to be very well constructed.

The software that was available at this time did not enable all of the features that are shown in the documentation. This includes 10 bit color depth on the video output and combined luma (R+G+B) control of the RGB-LUT. The software did allow the color management system (CMS) to be adjusted along with individual RGB values in the 11 point luminance table. The LED lights could also be disabled in the software.

I tested this product with a JVC RS20. Based on a comparison of the JVC and VideoEQ the CMS control in this unit is of excellent quality. It gave very similar control to the JVC with similar results. This is one of the best CMS implementations I have seen. The luminance table while functional was very difficult to use because the software interface was cumbersome. It would take a large amount of time compared to the JVC to adjust the white point or gamma table with this product at this time. There is an automated option available with the Calman software, but I suspect manual override would still be desirable with that option as well. The graphical method along with the typical RGB gains and biases in the JVC are much easier to use and yield excellent results.

At this time I would only consider this product if you want the CMS functionality. The RGB-LUT is just too difficult to use with the current software. The lack of 10 bit color output at this time also make it more likely to cause problems with banding than the internal color controls found in many products.

MSRP $1200

W. Jeff Meier

ISF and THX Certified Home Theater Consultant


Really want this device to pair with my Kuro non-Elite, need $1000 in donations.

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