Display Selection

Selecting the right display for your room is key to getting the best picture possible.

  • Rooms with great light control (think theater dark) will work best with displays that do not output large amounts of light. Front projectors require light control. Plasma and LCD will work well in normal room lighting. LCD is generally brighter than plasma initially, but LCD will generally lose light output faster.
  • Can you accommodate a large screen or does it need to be small? Below 42″ LCD is the best candidate. Between 42″ and 65″ LCD and plasma are good products. Above 65″ front projection should be considered.
  • I find most people prefer a 36 to 40 degree viewing angle for the screen this can be calculated using the link to the left. THX guidelines for positioning the seating and display should also be considered. The screen size is a very personal thing and you should consider what you like carefully before selecting a specific size. If you cannot afford a larger screen sitting closer is a way to get there. Sitting closer than 9 ft may make the audio very difficult for more than one person.
  • Some products will not look good unless you are almost directly in front of them while others will look good from any angle. Displays with viewing angle limitations are LCD and rear projection.
  • The best displays are not the least expensive. Be sure to buy the best product you can for your situation. The better products will have blacker blacks, great color, be sharp, have great contrast and few image defects.
  • Some displays have artifacts that some see and others do not. Single chip DLP projectors can generate color flashes like little rainbows that some see. Plasma displays can have color flashes during motion. If you are interested in one of these you should determine if these bother you or any one else who matters.